The news, printed to fit

Murder-Bibi covers

Matthew Kalman has been a foreign correspondent and filmmaker based in Jerusalem since 1998. He has reported for TIME, Newsweek, the Boston Globe, London Sunday Times, USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Daily News, the Chronicle of Higher Education and the London Daily Mail.

He is the author of The Murder of Yasser Arafat (Delta Fourth, 2013) and Psychobibi (DeltaFourth, 2013)

He is the former editor in chief of The Jerusalem Report and a sought-after media commentator and public speaker.

His television reporting includes PBS in the United States, Channel 4 News UK and CTV in Canada. He is a frequent contributor to radio news programmes in Canada and Britain.

Matthew has a degree in history from Cambridge University.

He co-directed the documentary Circumcise Me: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell which has been selected for dozens of film festivals and events across the US, Canada, Australia and Britain.

Matthew can be reached at

This blog is a light-hearted escape from the tumult of the Middle East. You can follow his regular reporting here:


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