Outcry as Israel steals Thanksgiving

28 Nov


(Tehran, September 28) IRAN’ S SUPREME LEADER called on the international community to condemn what he described as “an outrageous act of cultural imperialism by the Zionist enemy” – the hijacking of Thanksgiving by the Jewish state.

“We declare our firm solidarity with our new friend John Kerry and his pioneer forebears. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people as they resist this Zionist takeover of the hallowed turkey-slaughtering festival of the American people,” said supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

He was responding to the brazen attempt by Zionists to combine the Thanksgiving holiday with the Jewish festival of Channukah.

“Is it Hanuka, Channukah or Honecker?” demanded Khamenei to roars of approval. “No-one even knows how to spell the damn thing!”

“We say to the Zionists: Take your filthy oil-based foodstuffs to the wintry days of December, where they belong, and allow our American allies to celebrate their genocide of the Native American Homelanders without interference!” he added.

The Iranian leader was addressing thousands of ordinary Iranians who had come to bathe in the heavy water facility at Arak as part of a Plutonium Peace Party organized to celebrate the recent Geneva agreement under which Iran will be allowed to slaughter as many people as Bashar Assad.


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