Jerusalem “Mayor for a Day” tourist goes home

24 Oct
Lion Bibi Yvet

Moshe Lion (right) with one guy who backed him and another who didn’t. “I had a great visit to Jerusalem,” said Lion before returning home. “I may come again”

Moshe Lion, the tourist who came to Jerusalem to participate in the “Mayor for a Day” reality show has ended his trip to the city.

“I had a great visit to Jerusalem. I may come again,” said Lion.

The accountant from Givatayim admitted he never quite found his way around the city and apologized to his supporters for going the wrong way during the crucial Polling Day section of the reality show, which was broadcast live on Israeli TV.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said he had plans to attract more tourists to Jerusalem but said he had mixed feelings about them standing for election during their stay.

Meanwhile, reality show producer Aryeh Deri, the man behind the wildly successful productions “Mayor for a Day,” “Big Black Funeral,” and “Supreme Court Siege” said he had more hit ideas up his sleeve.

Industry insiders say Deri is working on a prison drama based on his personal experience with the working title “Black is the New Black.”


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